VTR 350 Arachnid Tires for the Can-Am Spyder©

These tires were specially designed for the Can-Am Spyders© to provide excellent traction and great mileage! They are great all-weather tires that provide exceptional grip on wet roads and awesome handling when you’re hitting the back roads!

Front Application

Tire Size Load Part No. MSRP
165/65-R14 47H V35001 $78.95
165/55-R15 55H V35003 $85.95

Rear Application

Tire Size Load Part No. MSRP
225/50-R15 68H V35002 $131.95
225/50-R15 80H V35004 $149.95

Tire Features

  • Specially designed for wet and dry environment
  • Outstanding straight line performance for acceleration and braking
  • Heavy duty construction for the additional weight and 2-up riding
  • Newly formulated compound for Spyders© for exceptional mileage
  • Radial with Tread Depth 10/32, Tubeless

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