Assortment of Tire Applications

About Vee Rubber Tire and Metalsport Inc.

Why Vee Rubber? This tire company can create big sizes and was willing to work with us. Vee Rubber tires are produced in Thailand. Being one of the largest natural rubber producing country, it enables Vee Rubber to offer more types of vehicle tires. Vee Rubber was formed in 1977 as a manufacturer of bicycle and motorcycle tires and tubes. Since then, Vee Rubber has grown into three large facilities that produce more than 25 million tires. With more than 25 years of experience and development, Vee Rubber ensures that its manufacturing standard is second to none. Thanks to consistent growth throughout the last few decades, it has established itself as a successful tire manufacturer and exporter, supplying both to OEM and replacement markets. They have also invested more than 100 million US dollars in its domestic market. Their processes achieve ISO 9000 certification. Tire design, tread performance and quality assurance are constantly supervised by a team of engineers.

With input from builders and designers, more sizes started being produced. Talk about a 26” wheel started after a proposed tire designed had been submitted. The problem was there was no one making the wheel blank for the tire. In 2005, Metalsport Wheels was approached to create the wheel for the tire. The original wheels were manufactured from aluminum plate. Vee Rubber worked with Metalsport Wheels and introduced the first 26” tire for our 26” motorcycle wheel that first appeared on Matt Hotch’s bike, “The Vincent.” Introducing a big 26” tire created a learning curve for the industry – how to mount a big tire on a wheel properly. Vee Rubber wanted to eliminate future mounting problems, so they decided to reengineer the bead seat and made it more user-friendly. As time went by, everyone learned how to mount big tires without damage.

The Vincent

By end of 2005, not only was Vee Rubber the tire company for the big wheels; at Metalsport Wheels suggestion and with Metalsport Wheels input with sizes, they introduced the Whitewall line; five front and nine rear applications.

After seeing the success of the 26”, Metalsport Wheels wondered if the next opportunity might be, so they decided to come out the 30” wheel after approaching Vee rubber again to see if they could make the 30” tires. Not really thinking that people would ride a bike with the 30” wheel but present an opportunity for the talented bike builders to build a concept bike. The difference between the 26” and the 30” wheel is that the 26” can go on a standard frame, but the 30” required modification of the frame & neck.

Not just being satisfied with the concept bikes, people wanted to ride them. Matt, who would never put out a bike that wasn’t rideable and safe, took the time to reengineer the frames & necks and get proper rake and trail - put out a very rideable, comfortable 30” bike.

People were skeptical of the 30” front wheel and after some time and seeing the people ride the 30” from coast to coast, the 30” wheel started moving. Over a 2 year period, the 30” overtook the sales of the 26” 2 to 1, now they are probably 3 to 1.

Don Juan Torque

Metalsport, because they paid for all the tooling, have the exclusive on the 30, 32 and 34 tires, many people accused Metalsport of hoarding the wheel and tire from the rest of the market for the first year. But in fact, what they were doing was trying to establish that the tires had no problems so by putting them on several bikes with proper frame adjustment was established before they put them on the market.

Many critics said when the 26” (2005) came out and especially the 30” (2010) that it would be a short lived fad - that was ten years ago. The 34s, after the introduction two years ago, are really starting to move, because they have been established to be so rideable.

In 2019, Metalsport and Vee Rubber teamed up to improve the 302 Series product line by introducing new sizes and upgrading the quality and the load ratings.

January 2020, Vee Rubber Group reorganized the USA distribution of the motorcycle tire product lines. With this reorganization, Vee Rubber appointed Metalsport Inc. as their exclusive USA importer for the Monster & Twin 302 Series (Street & Touring).