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Exclusive USA Importer for Vee Rubber Tire

Metalsport Inc. is now the exclusive USA importer for the Monster & Twin 302 Series (Street & Touring). This past year, Metalsport and Vee Rubber teamed up to improve the 302 Series product line by introducing new sizes and upgrading quality and load ratings.

Since January 2020, Metalsport has been setting up the warehouse just for Vee Rubber Tires. The complete line of the VR302 has been ordered and containers of tires have been arriving; Blackwalls and Whitewalls. We are also stocking the replacement tires for the Can-Am Spyder©. [Read More]

Motorcycle Tires for Most Makes & Models 

Metalsport offers a wide range of sizes in the Blackwall category along with a nice selection of Whitewall of sizes not offered anywhere else. Sizes range from the 15" racing tire, the wide 18" and up to the monster 34" tire. With more and more enthusiasts riding the Can-Am Spyder©, we now offer the replacement tires for them. [Read More]


The first tires used on motorcycles were pneumatic tires in 1895.

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